Play Is Fun. Give It a Whirl!

By Marcia Davis

“Toys are not really as innocent as they look. Toys and games are preludes to serious ideas.” – Charles Eames

Visit any design firm and you’ll likely find a canister of Play-Doh, an Etch A Sketch, a Spirograph. But toy collections aren’t limited to designers and design firms—almost every office has one.

An avid toy collector and designer, Charles Eames had toys lying all around the Eames’ studio and home. Former 76ers athletic trainer Kevin Carroll turned his childhood passion for playing ball into a bestselling franchise, The Red Rubber Ball at Work. Both Eames and Carroll recognize what psychologists and inventors have already acknowledged: Play causes the brain to fire in new ways, opening connections for ideation and problem solving.At Herman Miller, where innovation and problem solving are part of our DNA, we like to inspire work through play.

Designed by KleinReid in New York City, the tops are both classic toys and kinetic art. It’s an original set of spinning tops that are as sculptural and beautiful as they are fun.

And the timing is perfect. Today is International Top Spinning Day. Give it a whirl!

That’s why this year’s Herman Miller Select release is a collection of three wooden tops, each with an original sculptural profile, each crafted of walnut, inspired by Eames.



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